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Quiz - Holsterbro City, Art Course

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Try the course through the town centre of Holstebro to 15 control points which are all part of the works of art in Holstebro and participate in a quiz.
Use the 'Start tur med en eller flere deltagere'-button to start a quiz with one or more individuals.
Use the 'Start tur med et eller flere hold'-button to start a quiz with one or more teams.

The 15 small photos all show a detail you can see when you are at a control point. In each photo you find a letter or a number which you must enter to get the next question in the quiz.
You can also use the letter/number to solve a picture puzzle on the orienteering map. The code word is a figure included in several works of art of the town.

Click on the 'Vis kort'-button to get the map and information

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